Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday 20th March 2011

I got very muddy today.

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest in many countries of the world, not in most Muslim countries however, and Israel, where Sunday is a working day, but more and more people seem to work on this 'Day of Rest'. In fact, on my journey to Hertfordshire today I saw numerous lorries whose drivers were presumably working, and there were all sorts of people working in the Service Staions I stopped in. Which is a good thing, as I needed a shit and if nobody had been working then I may have had to have gone in a field, like a dog. Also, I would have to have gone without coffee and my sons would have had to have gone without food, as there were (thankfully) people working in the cafe.
Thank God not everyone goes to church, that's what I say.

Did you know that every month that begins on a Sunday has a Friday 13th in it?
Obvious really, if you think about it.

Except February, in a leap year, as that has an extra day which isn't always a Sunday therefore the Friday isn't always the 13th even if the 1st is (a Sunday, that is).

Only joking, of course it is, always.

No century in the Gregorian calendar starts on a Sunday, whether its first year is '00 or '01 apparently but I'm not sure I believe that one. I'll have to go and check. Sounds a bit too far fetched.
But is Sunday the first day of the week?
In the Judaeo-Christian and Islamic traditions, Sunday has been considered as the first day of the week. As a result, a number of languages appear to reflect Sunday's status as the first day of the week. In Greek, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Maltese and Armenian languages the working days of the week (Monday, Tuesday etc) are translated as 'the second day', 'the third day' etc however Slavic languages implicitly number Monday as day number one, not two and in many European countries calendars almost always now show Monday as the first day of the week.
Why even the international standard ISO 8601 for Representation of dates and times states that Monday is the first day of the week. But what do they know, and why do we have an International Standard for dates and times for fuck's sake?

Anyhoo, I got really muddy today with my son's and I had a great time, rest or no rest.............

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