Sunday, 1 May 2011

Saturday 30th April 2011

That's wrong that is.

Well it's Sunday 1st May but I am writing Saturday 30th April's entry. Why? Who knows, I just felt like doing it. I went to see my younger sister this morning, she has twins who are 17 months old. When the front door opened the first thing I saw were these two little girls standing there saying "Hiya" in their little voices. How cute are THEY??!!??
After that, we went for a wander around Brizzle, meslef and Liz, went to St Nic's market.
I promised myself that I would not buy any Chilli sauce, as I have about 12 bottles of the stuff at home, but the lure of Dr Burnorium's was just too strong. I only went in to have a look, and I was good as I didn't buy anything. But then, about ten minutes later, I found myself back there, bottle of sauce in one hand, wallet in the other, standing at the till paying for a bottle of Blair's Salsa de La Muerte.
Before I had actually got out of the market I had the bottle open and was having a little taste, and was I glad I bought it! It is not a strong sauce, a bit of heat, but nothing silly, but it has such a good flavour. It is very similar to the Pain is Good Batch #37, but not so intense. It is the kind of sauce that can be used quite liberally on anything.
We went down to the waterfront and got something to eat on a boat-bar called 'The Apple'. It's a cider bar that sells alot of different types of cider [obviously]. It's a good place for a recently reformed drinker to have lunch, as they also have non-alcoholic cider, or Apple Juice as it is more commonly known. Well, we had a ploughman's each and I used the Salsa de la Muerte as a salad dressing. I used a fair bit of it to be honest, but it was nice.

Did you know, that in Bristol you can be fined up to £2500 for deliberately feeding Seagulls and Pigeons and £1000 for letting your dog shit on the pavement. Does this mean that Seagulls and pigeons are two and a half times worse than dog shit??

I also used the sauce as a dipping sauce with a few nibbles we had prior to dinner and I put some on my Red Snapper, so Like I said, it will go with anything. I'm thinking that I should have bought two bottles.

I saw a sign in Brizzle that said 'Do Not Use Mandatory Cycle Lane'. What the fuck is the point of having a cycling lane and then making it mandatory and then telling people you cannot use it?

1. Required by law or rules; compulsory.
2. Of or conveying a command.

So which takes precedence? The sign that says that the cycle lane is 'Mandatory', which as you can see by the definition means it is required by law or rules, or the sign itself which says that you cannot use it?!? Who knows, maybe there was another sign somewhere explaining.

I took a photograph of the sign and was going to upload it, but I have just found out that my laptop does not actually have bluetooth, even though there is a little LED light thing with a bluetooth symbol with the rest of the LED light thingies.

Went to see 'The Good Fridays' tonight (last night [Saturday night] you know what I mean, don't you?). They were OK, but you just had to sit or stand there and watch them as you couldn't talk to anyone as it was a tad loud. This was a bit of a shame as my elder sister was there too, and I haven't seen her since Christmas, so it would have been nice to have had a bit of a natter. Still, we managed to shout at each other a couple of times.

I also went to the best coffee shop in the World. That is not my opinion, it is fact (in my opinion). They sell great coffee, and I mean really good, but the service is fantastic too. There are about three hundred staff who just stand around waiting to do stuff for you. As soon as a table becomes free (and not a second before, by the way) it is cleared ready for the next customer. You go to the counter to order and your drinks are put onto a tray in front of you, but you are not allowed to carry them to your table, they do it for you. We were sitting outside and the table only had one chair at it. Well I was quite happy to stand, as we weren't going to be there that long, but no, the man looking after me insisted on going and finding me a chair. They really cannot do too much for you.

Well, that's yesterday's entry. If anything exciting happens today I may do another one later.............

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