Saturday, 28 May 2011

Saturday 28th May 2011

Good Grief Charlie Brown.

If you drive along the M74, through South Lanarkshire, you can see Europe's biggest wind farm being built. It is pretty big, well I suppose it would have to be, to be the biggest in Europe, but one thing always gets me a-thinking.
How do you efficiently put these things up?
If you have ever seen the blades for these things being transported along the motorway then you will know that they are huge. Massive. And therefore you need a big crane to erect them.
For those of you who don't know these things, cranes cannot work when it is windy. They get 'winded' off. Next time you pass a building site when it is windy and all the cranes are stood there doing nothing you will know why. But my point is, the location for the wind turbines are specifically chosen for the windy conditions. There wouldn't be much point in them otherwise, they wouldn't do much with no wind. But if it is windy most of the time, and if cranes can't work in the wind, how do they ever build the fuckers?

I've just bought some biscuits. Not bought biscuits for ages, well apart from cheese biscuits. I mean biscuits for cheese, not biscuits made from cheese, which you may think is obvious but you have chocolate biscuits and these are biscuit made from (or with)
chocolate and not biscuits made specifically to eat with chocolate. Anyhoo, I bought some digestives as I'm thinking about making a Lemon Meringue Crunch, and as I picked them up I saw some Custard Creams. Next to the Custard Creams were some Bourbons and some Shortbread. There was a bit of an offer on, three for two, so I had a bit of a dilemma. The dilemma was that I needed the Digestives for me Lemon Meringue Crunch, which is like a Lemon Meringue Pie but with a biscuit crunch base instead of a shortcrust pastry base but I'm sure you already knew that, but I also wanted the other three types as well. But the offer was for three, so if I bought the Custard Creams, the Bourbons, the Shortbread and the Digestives then that would be four items and one of them would not be in the offer. I could always buy six packs, I thought, but then I would have more than one pack of something and which one would I choose.

So there I was, standing in the middle of the biscuit aisle in a well known Supermarket (Tesco) trying to work out how many packs I would have to buy to keep equal numbers of each pack and still take advantage of the three for two offer. In the end I opted for the Shortbread, the Custard Creams and the Digestives. Whilst I was packing the bags at the checkout it dawned on me what a twat I had just been. The biscuits were only about 30p each so it wouldn't have broken the bank to buy a fourth pack, offer or no offer.

Still, I've just had some with me coffee, not the Digestive of course, and they were blooming lovely.

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