Friday, 6 May 2011

Friday 6th May 2011


It's been a long week.
Well it hasn't really, the week has been as long as every other week, apart from the odd weeks that they correct the clock in Greenwich and add a nano second to it, those weeks are a nano second longer (or shorter if the adjustment has to be a backwards one). I suppose the weeks when British Summer Time starts and ends are longer/shorter too, but aside from them the week was the same length as all the others. It has just seemed like a long week, but I suppose you knew what I meant.

I was in London yesterday and I got toothache. Now I get toothache quite a lot, on account that I have really shit teeth, but this was toothache like no other. I was driving from Croydon to Poplar and I had to pull over, the pain was that bad, and I had to take drugs.
Legal drugs, of course, Amitriptyline [or something], and after a bit they did the trick. But fuck me was I tired. Apparently they make you drowsy and it is recommended that you don't operate machinery after taking them. Well you wouldn't call a car 'machinery' would you? I wouldn't.

I defrosted my freezer today. I now have a kitchen sink full of ice. It all started because I was finding it hard to shut the door because of all the ice growing in there. So I set about it with a hammer. Not a big hammer, just a small pin hammer, but it's a hammer all the same. It started off as being quite hard to chip the ice away as it was so thick, but as I went on it seemed to get easier. I just thought that it was because my ice-breaking technique was being perfected, that I was becoming a more proficient ice breaker, that I was becoming a bit of an expert and I was getting quite pleased with myslef.
And then Liz pointed out that it was taking so long that the ice just just melting.

She could be right of course, but I still like to think that I am now a better ice breaker than I was this time yesterday.

As the first of May was a Sunday it means that next Friday is the 13th. We also had Star Wars day a couple of days ago too. What a busy month this is.

It's funny, but Chris Evans has been going on for the past few days about how fucking hot it is going to be. Well he hasn't said it has been fucking hot because he is on national radio, but I bet he would if he could and I bet he was thinking about it. The weather people on the tele though have been saying it is going to rain. Who to believe then? Chris Evans, who reckons it will be hotter than the Med, or the weather 'experts' who say rain? I'm going with Chris. If I believe it hard enough it may happen.

I was so tired last night, following my drug experience, that I fell asleep at about quarter past eight, and that meant I didn't vote or take part in the referendum. I'd better try and avoid the results now, in case they didn't go the way I wanted them to and upset meself.

My printer ran out of black ink this morning, so I had to change the colour of every bastard thing to dark blue. You would think that in this day and age that the printer would just use the colour ink cartridge but mine obviously doesn't.

I've just noticed that this blog has had 4498 views, so you may be the 4500th reader.
If you are, then congratulations.............

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  1. How to defrost a freezer in record time - A HAIRDRYER. That's how I do it, you need to be careful mind you, you do not want to electrocute yourself. :-)