Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tuesday 2nd August 2012

It's good news week,someone's dropped a bomb somewhere contaminating atmosphere and blackening the sky.
I have a dilemma, and this is it. I am entering a photo competition and I do not know which photo to enter. It's a 'Countryfile' competition and the top twelve photos will make up the 2012 calendar, in aid of Children in Need. There are twelve classes and I am going for the "Insects and Spiders" class and my dilemma is, do I submit the photograph on the left or the one on the right?
I originally preferred the one on the left but now I am
not so sure!
I'm sort of leaning towards the right. I actually prefer the right one, as a photograph, but part of me thinks the left one would look better on a calendar.
But I have done a poll on another website, and the overwhelming majority, so far even though it is early days, is for the yellowy one.

Alternately, I could take my camera with me tomorrow and hope I get some pics of some Red Kites and enter one of the other classes!!

Anyhoo, just a short, serious one tonight, please do comment and let me know which photo you think I should enter (and why). No prizes, just the satisfaction of being a good egg.............


  1. The one on the left, the one on the right is a good picture but too close if you know what i mean. The one on the left is one that i would like to see in a calendar.

  2. I like them both mate thought the right hand one is my choice. Good luck with it. By the way, my Brother lives right on Rutland water, not literally on the water but just up the bank. He gets Red Kites in his garden quite often. Shall see if he'll get some pics and I'll email you them. Thanks for the comment by the way!

  3. Told you - the left one.

    I'm off to bed.

    Hope I don't get stung.