Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday 4th August 2011

Whaddya know? Jeremy Vine joins Twatter and within a couple of days he has over 26 and a half thousand followers and he has written jack shit. Absolutely naff all. Nothing against the fella, I'm one of his 26 odd thousand followers, but my point is, I have been Twatting for some time now and I have 4 followers. Not 4 hundred, 4 thousand or 4 million, but 4. Just 4.

Yesterday morning Mr Vine had 200, now over 26000.
And I write loads of stuff, ok mostly shite, but at least it is marginally entertaining.
And I now have a 'Follow' button. It's up there at the top, on the left. All you have to do is click it. It don't take long.
I've told you about HMV claiming that King Kurt never existed haven't I? Well what I want to know is, who am I listening to right now? Mind you, I have found some stuff on t'interweb but it aint cheap. Or if it is it is second hand and in bad nick.

Going shopping tomorrow with a nearly 6 year old and an eleven year old. I have to buy both of them birthday presents and neither of them know what they want. I don't really know what they are in to (one of the sad facts of being an absent father) so I can never surprise them.
Well I can. Sometimes I sneak up behid them and shout BOO really loud but this normally makes them cry. So I have to stop myslef doing it, in public at least.

Anyhoo, don't forget to go to the top of the page and hit that little 'Follow' button. It won't make you any happier, but it may mean a lot to me.

Fuck, that's cheesey. And I don't mean it. But I still want you to click it.............


  1. You did not say I had to be a member on twitter to follow you. I will continue to (stalk) sorry follow you on facebook. Make that 5 followers.

  2. Grizzly here, I don't Twatter so I can't follow you either. As for King Kurt, I remember them...just. Not suprised about HMV because they know sod all about music. The Lincoln branch virtually only stocks DVD's and that bloody Adele disc. Didn't that Rat have a name?