Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday 29th August 2011

It was Four Tops all night with encores from stage right.

Monday night and it feels like a Sunday. Had quite a quiet weekend, all in all.
Didn't do much on Friday as it was pishing down all day so just mooched about round the house.
Saturday came and we took the Jezebel for a nice walk up to the woods. She worried me all the time we were out as I had visions of her stitches splitting and her entrails spilling out. Silly mare would probably have ate them if they had, so they wouldn't have gone to waste. As we were in the woods she did her usual and found an old plastic bottle to play with. All's well that ends well though and we all made it home in one piece.

We went to an 'Event Day' at Bolsover Castle on Sunday. It was advertised as a chance to 'Hear the sound of clashing swords at Bolsover Castle this bank holiday as our battling barons show off their skills in the tournee ring. Children can take part in a mini battle of their own and the hobby horse joust is sure to keep them entertained. Visitors will also get to meet a variety of medieval folk including an executioner, herbalist and Spicer as well as our brave knights'.

Well, when we got there the children had just finished their mini battle but there were no fatalities. Quite glad I missed it really, it was obviously a fairly boring battle if no one was killed. They need to sharpen their swords methinks.

Didn't see many Knights floating around, to be honest, there were five blokes and a couple women but they did quite well playing several roles each. Weren't really convincing as a full scale battle though, sort of lacked authenticity, what with there being only seven of them.

I think the castle needs more work too. I appreciate that it is a bit run down, and that's part of it's charm, but when you pay eight and a half quid to get in you expect to see more than a load of empty rooms. One room wasn't quite empty as they hadn't fully cleared up after a recent wedding. They had a load of fake feathers left on a table and some of the name things for telling people where they have to sit.

Funny, when you go to a wedding, the organisers always think it is a good idea to put people together 'to get to know each other'. Well I think that's bollocks, I would rather sit with people I know and have a laugh, not have to endure the awkward silences that always occur. And then if you want to talk to your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / partner / lover etc you feel the need to whisper so you don't annoy or offend anyone else at your table.
I always find the best way to break the ice is to fart really really loudly and then stare at the person next to you (the OTHER side to your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / partner / lover etc). It's a talking point.

Today, we went to Clumber Park. It's a National Trust site so, as I am old and a member, it's free to get in. We took the Jezebel again, as her stitches are
still stitched up, and she seemed to enjoy it. She had a Mini Milk, which went in about two gulps, so I was glad I didn't buy her one of the more expensive ice creams like the one I bought myslef and Liz. They had the waffle cones, and I thought they may make her a bit hyper, and I didn't really want that.
Maybe I'm paranoid, but I really don't want the whole entrail thing, especially not at home, it would make such a mess.
Mind you, when she had her pups there was no mess. Well there was but she cleared it all up.
With her tongue.
She ate goose shit today too. I'm sure the antibiotics she is on is increasing her appetite.
Not that eating goose shit has anything to do with that, as she always does it whether she is on antibiotics or not.

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