Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursday 25th August 2011

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64?

I was driving home from work today, as I do every time I go to work, when I drove past a bus stop not far from my house. At the bus stop was a queue of elderly folk, all past the age of seventy I would say. It may not seem very funny to you, but it made me laugh. And why did it make me laugh, you are probably asking yourself? Well the bus stop where they were all queueing is right next to a Funeral Home and it looked just like............

I thought they were just being extremely well prepared. Either that, or the home had a special offer one today.

Went to Stratford yesterday. We are building a hotel on the High Street, just in time for the Olympics I suppose. I was going there with one of our Site Managers who lives in Walthamstow. His postcode is E17, sounds like a name of an Eighties band to me. Anyhoo, I park my car on his road, as there was no permit restrictions there, and we got public transport to Stratford. First leg was on a bus. A double decker it was. Now the last time I went on a double decker bus was when I lived in Somerset and we went out for the night. We were in a small town out in the sticks and we missed the last bus home. This was because the last bus was the one that took us there in the first place.
Well, it was too far to walk, but fortunately we were in the town where they parked the buses at night, so we decided to steal one. It took us ages to get a double decker out of the parking bays but we had to have a double decker as we all smoked and you could only smoke on a double decker, and then it had to be one the top deck. It wasn't allowed on at all on a single decker and we didn't want to get into trouble by smoking on one if we had nicked one of them.

Anyways, digressing back, we got the bus to the train station where the tube ticket cost me £7.40. When I realised that we were only going one stop, I also realised that the fucking ticket man and ripped me off. Unless he thought I wanted a ticket to get to Stratford-on-Avon. The twat.

When we finally travelled the one one stop to Stratford, we re-surfaced and the Site Manager I was with, to avoid any potential embarrassment I shall call him 'Dom', led the way to the site. As 'Dom' was a local man, I duly followed as we traipsed along the High

We did see a HUGE crane, a bit like the picture but in red. In fact we saw it twice, as we soon realised that we were going the wrong way. We found this out when we could see Tower Bridge approaching so we thought we had better turn back before we went too far. Dom tried to absolve himself of all blame by saying he didn't actually live around here, but fuck me all through the streets of London, he oughta know the way around somewhere that is only a one stopper away, even if it does cost £7.40 to get there.

Me stalker is back, she had a good holiday by all accounts and now is back to normality.
Happy Days, and welcome back.............

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