Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday 12th August 2011

There'll be white cliffs over.....

Well it's been a long time. Not really, it's been about five days but a lot has happened in the last five days.
There have been loads of riots, in case you hadn't noticed, and I went Go-Karting yesterday. It was fucking A, I came third. I would have finished first but I wasn't as fast as the two who finished ahead of me. It's funny though, we were racing for half an hour and it don't half make your arms ache.

Have been watching Torchwood. I reported earlier (reported, what a pretentious twat), I mentioned earlier that I thought it was too Americanised, and I still do but I have to admit that I still like it. Bizzarely, the BBC iPlayer thingy on t'interweb wouldn't let me watch it for a couple of nights. The sound and vision was all out of sync and I was hearing the audio before the action but then again as the action happened. Headfuck happened. But every cloud has a sliver of a lining as I watched Shooting Stars instead, and that was fucking hilarious.

I'm going to the VW Festival at Harewood House on Sunday and I really can't wait. Liz is under strict instructions not to let me buy a car. Hopefully I'll win one, but if I don't I may have to buy one to cheer myslef up.
I'll put a link up for it so you know where it is and go along.
The first Beetle I had was a beaut. It was a cream colour and was in showroom condition. Well as showroom as a car of that age could be. It really was a nice car. I drove the twenty or so miles home with a grin in my face so wide it you would have thought I had a coathanger in my mouth.
It was five o'clock on a Saturday afternoon when I picked it up, I remember my mum following me home, watching me as I drove my dream car.
Unfortunately that was not just the first time she saw that car but also one of the last as I wrote it off at nine o'clock that evening.
Four hours. Four Fucking Hours. Not long to own your dream car. Icried for almost as long as I owned the car.
The following Friday I went out and bought another one. A right dog, at least one dent in every panel, but I loved it all the same. Had that one for about six months and it was great. Happy days.
That was back in 1987, it's about time I had another one.............


  1. I am an old time Hartlepuddian, lol. I lived there for 22 years, I was born American but raised in the most awesome place.....which brings me to your comment. Being Ameriacanized sometimes isn't a bad thing, yup they are goofy at times, but over all are great. Is the rides still at Seaton, I remember I got my first job there serving hamburgers at a shop and in a caravan. Great memories and great times. I knicked a can of coke from a store so someone would give me bus money to get into town, and the bitch in the store caught me. I almost weed myself, lol. There was lots of great memories in Seaton, some I can't say on here, but let's just say I love the Sand dunes, lol.......I follow you so keep up the good work! Stacey, from Hartlepool but now in Escaanba, which is called the Upper Penninsual of Michign, we are called Yoopers! Will watch for you next post, can you put some pics up of what the main street in Seaton looks like now. I remember right behind the bus stops there was a put put golf thing there, is it still there?

  2. Dear Stacey,

    I'm not saying that being Americanised (with an S ;-)) is a bad thing per se, it's just that Torchwood has always traditionally been filmed in Welsh Wales. Funny that, when you think that the main star is a 'Scottish American'!

    Can't help you with the photos and info about Seaton I'm afraid as I no longer live there. I have moved South, all the way to South Yorkshire!!!!

    Be Good,