Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday 7th August 2011

Shake what yo momma gave ya.............

There must have been trouble around here this afternoon, the police helicopter was floating around. Wonder what they would have thought had they seen me taking the photo on the right?!?

I keep typing the wrong keys. I used to have a netbook, with a 10" screen, and the keyboard was exactly the same width as the computer. When I say I USED to have a netbook, I'm telling a bit of a fib as I still have it. I've loaned it to Liz on a long term loan until I can find something better to do with it. Like give it to Liz. Anyhoo, I now have a big laptop. And when I say big, I don't just mean it's bigger than the netbook, it's fucking huge. The screen is 17.3" and the keyboard has the number pad to the side, like a stand-a-lone keyboard. This means, however, that the keys are all to the left of where they once were. Well they have always been there, but they're not what I've gotton used to and you know what I mean.
The bloke in the shop told me that he could do a deal on the software and the deal would include a wireless mouse, a memory stick and a bag. Trouble was, the majority of the bags they had were for 15.6" laptops, so they had to find me a more expensive one. I had to pay a little extra for the bag, but I got the smaller bag as well so I'm gonna sell that on ebay or something.

Went shopping with the boys on Friday. It was quite good fun, although a tad expensive. I had birthday presents to buy for the pair of them and one of the things I bought them was a football shirt each. We were in the West Ham shop (we were in Lakeside in Essex at the time) getting a shirt for the younger one when elder son said he quite liked it. The bloke in the shop found it quite funny when I pointed out to the hapless eleven year old that he was an Arsenal supporter!
Got him the Arsenal away shirt, which is quite nice, to be fair. I wouldn't wear one myslef, but they look OK on someone else. From a distance. For a short period of time.............

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