Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday 29th June 2011

Feeling Hot, Hot, hot...

Well, here I am in Egypt. Day three, if you count Monday as day one, which you would as we came here then. We only got here at about half eight Monday night so you could be forgiven for not classing that as the first day. Anyhoo, we are here until Friday 8th, and then land back in Blighty at 0125hrs Saturday morning.

Tuesday was hot, we saw the rep in the morning and he told us all about the excursions we could go on. Thinking about Camel rides and Snorkelling and Quad bikes, but I'll let you know how they went as we are booking tomorrow morning.
Tuesday was also a day of many firsts for me. It was the first day this year (since the 25th April 2010 to be exact) that I had an alcoholic drink. It was the first time ever I sat in the swimming pool and had an alcoholic drink. It was the first time ever I sat in a swimming pool smoking a cigarette and drinking cocktails too. It was also the first full day I have ever spent in Egypt.

Day two just over (it's Thursday as I speak type, and we have just got back from having a meal at the 'Italian' restaurant in the resort and a few drinks afterwards at the Lobby Bar. The 'Italian' restaurant was OK and I had a very nice piece of Sea Bass, but it wasn't really ITALIAN. I suppose the fact that we are in Egypt contributed to that, but it was nice all the same.
At the Lobby Bar they had a bingo night. Wasn't as good as the ones I used to help run. My old 'charity worker' mates will vouch for me when I say that our bingo nights at the Westwood were the best in Worksop. FACT.
I suppose it didn't help that the numbers were called out in English first, then Russian. Gawd knows how the Dutch and the Scandinavians managed.

I've been weighing meslef on the scales in the bathroom. We have a set of digital scales and they tell you how much weight you have gained/lost since the last time you used them.
As it is "All Inclusive" and food is a-plenty I thought I would weigh myself regularly to see what the the results were (why else?!?).
The first time I was 85kg or something. Fuck knows what that is in proper weights, but it doesn't matter. I gained 0.2kg after the first meal but the last two times I have lost 0.4kg and 0.9kg. Not sure how accurate the scales are, but who gives a shit if they show that I lose weight even when the food is free and plentiful.

Right then, I'll keep you informed as the adventure progresses, but I can't promise when. I tried to post last night but I think the hotel hadn't paid it's t'interweb bill as all I got was a payment request for 920EL. That's only about £92 though, so I wasn't too bothered. I could have paid it meself.............

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