Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday 15th June 2011

Hip Replacement eh!?!?!

I saw, on Farcebook, that Blackberries have voice control. Not the fruit (obviously) but the
phone,successfully manufactured by 'Research in Motion'. It was on a status put on there by my stalker, so I was stalking the stalker if you like, but anyhoo it was to say that if you get bored and want a laugh, then try it out. I'm paraphrasing there as I can't remember exactly what she said and I can't be arsed to look, to be honest, but you get the gist.
So I looked for the way way to do it, thinking it would be useful for when I was driving. Health and Safety and all that shit. But could I find it? Could I buggery.

My stalker (I can't tell you her real name, as she is anonymous), who I will call Shazza, told me it was the little button on the left of the phone. BIG problemo, I don't have a little button on the left. I have three buttons on the right but these either alter the volume or turn the camera on and operate the zoom.

The only way I could find out to do it was to do a search for 'voice' and then select 'voice dial' and then speak. That involves either tapping the screen or pressing the keys seven times prior to speaking.
Not very Health and Safety friendly methinks. It's easier, and probably safer, to pick up the phone and dial.

Liz is uploading photos onto Farcebook. She didn't know how to do it. So I showed her. You have to do stuff like click a button that says 'add photos' if you want to add a photo, click another that says 'publish album' if you want to publish an album and stuff like that. I had to show here a few times, but she has finally got the hang of it, after uploading around 200 photos.............

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