Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday 3rd June 2011

I say, I say, I say...

It's hot today, the temperature gauge thingie in the car said it was 26 degrees and the sky was blue without a cloud to spoil it. And so, what did I see when I was out driving earlier? Some fucking numpty twat driving a convertible with the roof up.
You cannot possibly fathom how much that annoys the shit out of me!
We don't get THAT many sunny days in this country, and you pay extra for the 'luxury' of being able to put the roof down and have windswept hair, so why keep the top up when the sun makes an appearance?
If you don't like the roof down, why the fuck did you buy a rag-top in the first place?
If you aint gonna go topless on days like today, when would ya? Jeez.

And another thing, when the temperature gauge thingie in my car says it is 26 degrees, how accurate is that? The temperature reading is always hotter when the car is stationary and then drops when I start moving. Does this happen because when it is moving the wind cools it down? Is this taken into consideration when designing and manufacturing temperature gauge thingies in cars and does it compensate itself depending at what speed you are going?
I have a black car, a Renault Megane which is very nice but the bluetooth is playing up. Every time I take of make a call it disconnects itself afterwards on the car bit but the phone thinks it is still connected. Confuses the shit out of my phone, and I have to turn the phone bluetooth off and on again to make it re-connect. Anyhoo I digress, does the colour of the car affect the reading of the temperature gauge thingie? I'm going to call the temperature gauge thingie the 'TGT' as I'm getting sick of writing 'temperature gauge thingie'.
If I wear a black shirt I certainly feel hotter on a sunny day than if I wear a white one. My TGT must think it constantly has a black shirt on. Maybe it has got used to it.

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