Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday 17th June 2011

And the winner is......

Forgot to say, got my replacement camera yesterday. It was actually delivered the day before but this time it was left at the Post Office and not with the next-door neighbour so I only picked it up yesterday morning. Funny really, the first one they send is by courier, but the replacement is just by ordinary Royal Mail. Even more funnier is that the first one took about a week to arrive, the replacement took two days. Do you think they keep a
stock of replacements?
I must say though, I am most impressed with the after sales service by Amazon. No questions (except what is wrong with it) and they send a replacement to you straight away. Don't even wait for the knackered one to be sent back. And, they refund you with the postage, allegedly, although I'm not entirely sure how they pay you. Time will tell, I suppose. So off I went and took some photos. There's one, on the left. Taken in back and white. It has loads of features, but the best bit about this one is that it actually takes photographs.

Contrary to popular belief, eight out of ten cats don't actually prefer Kit-e-Kat. They really don't give a fuck as long as they get fed.
But apparently, they are not too keen on Kit Kats.

I hear Brucie is to get a knighthood at long last. How old is Brucie now? He must be about 400 years old. Almost old enough to know the Templar Knights in fact.

Not long now till I go on me holipops. Going shopping tomorrow to get stuff like clothes and shit. I went online today to reserve seats on the plane as me and Liz rather fancied sitting next to each other on the first and last days of our holiday. Thirty fucking quid. Thirty bastard fucking quid just to make sure that you and the person who have, between you, paid a hell of a lot of money to go somewhere sunny and keep a load of bastards in work, can sit together on the plane. You would think that, as part of the hundreds and hundreds of pounds (and I am not talking about a couple of hundreds, we're talking four figures) you would automatically sit together.

No wonder I haven't been abroad for fourteen years.............

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