Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wednesday 13th July 2011

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie....

Godinheavenhelpme, I went to get some petrol today. That's a lie, it was diesel but you know what I mean. Anyhoo, I went to Tesco to get it. I had to go there because I had a voucher that gave me 5p a litre off. Not only that, but the diesel there is £1.36 a litre. It's actually advertised as £1.35.99 but that's a load of bollocks really aint it.
I nearly ran out as the little light thing telling me that I was low on fuel came on last night. I get two warnings, the first to say that I am getting a bit low and the second to say that I am basically out of diesel and am now running on fumes.
The first warning sounded last night when I was on the way home from work. I work 25 miles from home so I figured that I would get some today. The second warning came on this morning going to work, but I wanted to get to Tesco on the way home as I had the voucher.
It was a bit twitchy though, driving 50 odd miles wondering if I was going to run out.

Now as I was pulling up I thought "£1.35, that's cheap, it's £1.41 up the road." But as I was filling up and the price went over £50 with no sign of the cut off I began to have a change of opinion. £1.35 for a litre of fucking diesel?!? Cheap??? My arse. I remember when people complained when the price threatened to go above £1 a litre. Uproar there was. Now we think we are lucky if we can get it for less than £1.40.

Watching a programme on the tele as I write this. It's about people going to A&E who have had serious or not so serious injuries. Crushed by a Cherry Picker (MEWP (Mobile Elevated Working Platform)). Falling through glass windows. Cutting off limbs. Throwing up. Etc etc. Before that, there was a programme about strange children who wouldn't eat anything but Custard Creams or kicked their brother cause they were getting bullied at school or sneaked out of their bedroom at night to paint their faces with lipstick. Now I have to ask myslef two questions: Why the fuck do they show these programmes and why the fuck do I watch them. Why the fuck do people agree to appear in them too?
I know, that's three questions, but there you go.

Let sleeping dogs lie. What is the thing about that saying?
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy sleeping dogs has all the letters of the alphabet or something, but what is so special about the sleeping dogs thing?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address please.............

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