Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tuesday 12th July 2011

I'll be a Karaoke Queen.......

Bit of a freakin jet-setter, me. I flew into Manchester Airport at 0130hrs Saturday, went to Silverstone for the Grand Prix Sunday, was in Reading Monday and Grantham and Wombwell today. What will tomorrow bring, I wonder?

My Mum never ceases to amaze me. When she sends text messages in text speak. I am going down to see her this weekend, she lives in Somerset now, having moved there from Redcar back in 1974, and she text me today: "wot time u cumin fri? nd 2 no b4 2moz 2 gt bd redi".

I mean, it's amazing enough that she actually knows how to use a mobile phone. She's 73 years of age, for fucks sake (or maybe I should say ffs) she should at least know how to speak properly. I blame my sister. She taught her how to do it. But even she is 47. She should know better too.

I had forgotten how good Catatonia are. I bought a CD of theirs at the weekend and was listening to it today. Well both of them, as it is a double CD. Strange Glue, Mulder & Scully, etc etc.

Snorkelling was fucking A last week. Liz did really well, putting her face in the water and breathing and everything. It was like being in a fuck off big huge fish tank. Schools (or is that shoals) of fish were swimming right around you and underneath you and stuff. Not really surprising seeing as we were in the sea. There were these goldfish things, millions of them swimming around the coral. Just like your everyday goldfish but with really really bright blue eyes. Not like the ones you get at the funfair. You know, the ones that die after about half an hour and you are left walking home with a bag full of water and something that looks like a wet carrot.

My forehead has peeled something chronic. Just around the hairline. It went all blotchy brown, then flaky, then I picked at it for two days solid, now it is milky white. I look like a right fucking monger. Still, could be worse. Fuck knows how, but I'm sure it could.

I there must have been a population explosion in Hartlepool as I have, over the last couple of days, either got friend requests or friend recommendations by the bucketload. Still I'm not complaining. It's good to talk aint it?

Anyhoo, I'm off for a tab now, who knows when I'll return.............

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