Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday 21st July 2011

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday dear Pater
Happy Birthday to you...

I am currently watching 'Grand Designs' and the house on there looks OK on the inside but is fucking awful from the outside. When I saw it looks OK on the inside, it aint my cup of tea, but then I don't like tea, I'm more of a coffee man.

It's my Dad's birthday, if you hadn't guessed from the opening verse, so if you all want to wish him the happiest returns then please feel free to do so and I will pass any good wishes on. If you send bad wishes then I will keep them to myslef and put a hideous curse upon you that will result in your having to live the rest of your lives with the utmost pain and suffering.

I won't, of course, as I'm not a witch or a wizard or owt, but the sentiment is there.

It's my birthday soon, and what I would really really like is a De'Longhi Perfecta ESAM5500 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine. Anyone wishing to buy me one can send it to the usual competition address, only don't worry about a SAE. Unless it is faulty and then I may want to send it back.
If you are sending from abroad and want to save on postage, send me the air fare, which would be cheaper to post than a coffee machine, and I will come and collect it.
It may look expensive (£605 on the UK version of Amazon) but if you think about it, it will last a long time. If it lasted 10 years then it only works out at £60.50 per year. That's only £5.04 per month or £1.16 a week.
I spend more than a month's worth every time I go to Costa, if I get a cake as well and I'm quite partial to cake. So it's quite a cheap option really.

Torchwood is on now. I haven't watched it before, but Liz has. It seems very Americanised to me but Liz tells me it hasn't always been like this. They are even having a 'Season' instead of a 'Series' so I find that a bit dubious. I'll stick with it though, for a couple of weeks anyhoo.

I have entered a Photo competition. I may have mentioned it before. Ironically the three prizes are all cameras. If you feel like it, and want to show your undying love for me, then please visit the following and click on the 'Like' button. I don't think the criteria is that the one with the most 'Likes' wins, but it may get my photo noticed by the judges.

I rescued a bird today. A starling. It had got one of it's feet tangled up in a bit of thread and my dog came quite close to eating it. So I rescued it twice really. Once from a reasonably quick death in the jaws of Jezebel and once from a slow and painful death from starvation.
I'm a hero in my own mind.............

Not sure if the link, above, to my photo works. If it doesn't, then here it is again:

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  1. Torchwood is ace but you really need to watch the first two UK versions. I am not sure if i am keen on the Americans getting their hands on it and Americanising it. I do not think the American acting is all that good either. Worth a watch though. Your anonymous stalker.