Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Tuesday 26th July 2011

I see dead people.......

I had to go into Grantham today, to the place I used to work. One of the people that still
works there is into chilli sauces, as I am, told me that he had a sauce that I would like. It was a Firefoods sauce, and Infinity sauce is really good (in my humble opinion), a sauce that goes with everything. Now this sauce was 'Infinity and Beyond' so I expected it to be a little stronger. It certainly smelled better than Infinity, at least I think so but then again I really cannot stand the smell of vinegar. This one has a more tomatoey smell. Well I poured some out, and as it is not too thick, more than I expected came out. Ben assured me that I would be alright though, as I like a bit of chilli.

Fuck me up and down and back to front, in it went and very soon after came the hiccups and the runny nose and my tongue and throat started to burn. It was a tad hotter than I expected it to be, but I'm guessing it would be nice in a tomato based sauce, on a pizza etc. A toasted cheese sandwich would be better for it too, I reckon. May have to buy some. I'm sure if you clicked on the link at the top right of this page (for 'Firefoods', you plonk) then they would be more than happy to sell you some too.

On the way home I made the stoopid schoolboy error of itching my eye. Yup, with the finger I had been sticking in the 'Infinity and Beyond' sauce. Bugger me backwards that stung. Not content with doing one eye, about five minutes later I did the other one too. What a prick.

I made some nice stuffed peppers tonight. Got some sweet peppers, cut them in half and filled with cream cheese. The cream cheese had paprika and bird eye chilli in and then I topped it off with cheese, whacked it in the oven for fifteen minutes or so and Robert's your Father's brother.
Did some with a few Scotch Bonnets too. Same filling, different pepper. Liz and Chezza weren't too keen on the Bonnets though, a little too spicy for them. Chezza is our VIP guest tonight, for those of you who don't know.

I made sure that there were no eye rubs tonight though.

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