Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tuesday 5th July 2011

And the winner is.............

I forget what day it is at the moment. I went on a camel ride yesterday, a proper one this time, done by professionals and not thieving gypsy Egyptian bastards. It was in the Sinai Desert and it was fucking hot. And fucking uncomfortable. Oh, and I forgot to mention I had the shits for the first part of the day. Right up until about an hour before we went.

I took some Imodium and that seemed to bung me up, but the camel ride weren't the comfiest, not by a long chalk. Hot, dusty and my guts sloshing around, not a great feeling.

Still had some more black tea stuff at the Bedouin's tent. Different Bedouin tent this time, they made this bread stuff too, which they cooked on a dome shaped metal thing suspended over an open fire. Tasted a bit like burnt bread. Nowt that special really.

Was asked by one of the holiday reps today when we arrived at the resort. When I told her that we arrived over a week ago she gave me that disbelieving look that women give so well and claimed, "but you look so white!".

Well thanks alot bitch. Russian bitch. Thanks very fucking much for pointing that out in your whiny Russian voice so everyone around all six swimming pools in the resort can hear.
I'm English, I don't frequent fake tan shops, I burn and then I peel and then I revert to white.

Still, you should see the two Scottish boys. It has taken about a week for one of them to actually turn white.

I have booked a day on a yacht tomorrow. Sail off somewhere and do a bit of sunbathing out in the Red Sea. And a bit of snorkelling.
It cost over a hundred quid, for the two of us, which I don't mind as it will be a nice day.
But Liz tells me today that, whilst she is out swimming, she cannot put her head under the water as she is scared. She hasn't been able to do it for years. Oh and also, she thinks she is scared of swimming in the sea.

How the fuck she is gonna manage tomorrow, Gawd knows.

Should be interesting.............

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