Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday 8th September 2010

I've been thinking...

A couple of posts ago I said that we could all be living on a speck of dirt under the finger nail of a giant woman.
Well, whilst this could be true, I have thought of a more plausible idea.

We could be living in the mind of someone.
All our lives could just be the thoughts of one person, and as long as that person keeps thinking, we keep living.

They say that if the age of the earth is looked at in terms of human age then the world is about twenty two days old.
That's from conception, through pre-history, through history, past Jesus Christ, all the wars and to now.

Well that could be said also for the idea of the whole world existing in the mind of a person.

But what kind of person would it be.
I would be impossible to say, because as I am part of the world that is living in this mind, then my mind is ultimately controlled by the mind of the person we are living inside.

Some people believe in fate, some people believe in a god, however it could be that these people all believe in the same the thing because the mind that we live in would be God and fate all rolled into one.

God is omnipotent, regardless of which god you believe in.
The persons mind would be omnipotent by default as because we are INSIDE the mind, then the mind is all encompassing.
Fate is something that determines our future, well this one is obvious, the mind we live in would obviously determine our future because whatever it thinks, we do.

So there you go.
It's not God, or a god, or fate.
Well it is, but not how you think.
Well ultimately it is how you think, as it is how it thinks that determines how we think.

People who claim to hear voices in their head don't really hear voices in THEIR head, they hear voices coming from THE head.
So they are not really mad, not unless someone has annoyed them, anyway.
And I mean another someone like you or I, not another person from like the person who owns the mind we live in.

I wonder if we can hear other people that live in the world of the person whose mind we live in?
I'll ponder on this and maybe do a follow up post...

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