Thursday, 2 September 2010

Thursday 2nd September 2010

I have come to the conclusion that crazy golf is not all that crazy.
It should be re-named scenic golf or something.
I mean, what's crazy about a windmill and a few slopes?

Why not play it with water filled balloons that you have to hit with baguettes and have electric fences around each hole so if your balloon burst it would electrocute you.
Forget that last bit, that would be electric golf.

Baguettes and balloons are a good start though.
You would have to play with an eye patch on and zombies dressed in floral print dresses would chase you shouting insults at you every time you hit the balloon.
With the baguette.

If very tall people play ordinary golf, do they call it mini golf.
Just like tiny people would play maxi golf.

Or giant golf.
Giant golf for dwarves.

I've got a bit of a dwarf/giant thing still going on from last night, I think.

Same as Mars bars.
Do giants eat the big Mars bars thinking they are normal and the standard ones thinking they are mini bars?
They couldn't even find the fun size ones, not even if they knew they existed.

And dwarves, do dwarves eat fun sized bars thinking they are normal, and normal thinking they are the big ones and the big ones; well these are things only for fat greedy dwarves to dream about.

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