Thursday, 16 September 2010

Thursday 16th September 2010

Driving home today I noticed my Sat-Nav was telling me that I had 1 hour and 35 minutes driving time before I got home.
That meant I was going to get home at eight o'clock as it was twenty five past six.

After thirty five minutes, or in other words seven o'clock, the sat-nav told me that I had 45 minutes to go meaning that I would be home at quarter to eight.

That means that in thirty five minutes, fifteen minutes disappeared.
I spent the rest of the journey trying to work out if I had lost 15 minutes, gained 15 minutes or invented a time travel machine.
I got home at twenty to eight, either losing or gaining another five minutes.

I drive approximately 40,000 miles a year, so I am really hoping that I have either invented said time machine or I am gaining time cause that would be an awful lot of time to lose.
I'll have to work it out sometime, but not now.

Does it also mean that if I drive fast enough that I would, in theory (or maybe even in reality), arrive before I left?
In the same vein, as Ussain Bolt keeps breaking the World record for running from one end to the other, will he get down to about one second eventually?
Maybe he will be passing finish line before the rest leave the blocks.

Who knows.............

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