Saturday, 31 July 2010

Saturday 31st July 2010

Not a lot happened yesterday, well not a lot apart from I was in court for sentencing.

The fourth time I have had to go and the fourth different solicitor I have had.

It really pisses me off that you pay all that money to them and they can't even be frigging arsed to give you the same bastard lawyer each time.

Still I knew what the verdict would be as I pleaded 'guilty', so I don't really know why I bothered going.

After waiting for four fucking months, I had to wait another two freaking hours for the three magistrates, stuck up rejected judges, to get their kicks by passing sentence.

Anyway, I did worry that the pretentious pricks may go on a real ego trip and send me to prison, however I was spared her majesty's pleasure and instead got 150 days, suspended, 200 hours community service and £ 400 pounds.

Friday night I went to a fancy burger joint.
Twelve fucking quid for a burger, chips and a coke.
Fuck me, I half wished I'd been frigging well sent down.......

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