Sunday, 25 July 2010

Saturday 24th July 2010

Working on a Saturday, what a bunch of wank.

It's bad enough having to spend all week in the same office as these wankers but to have to do it on a Saturday as well just takes the piss.

Trevor, the bloke next to me was his usual anal self, telling me what a great night he had last night. He reckoned he went to the pub, got hammered and shagged Susie Wessex on the bandstand in the park.

He probably stayed at home with his mum and went to bed early for a wank, he couldn't pull a muscle, that pleb, and yes I do mean the mollusc type.

Had some right nutters on the phone this morning though, one woman claiming that she couldn't have been responsible for the accident as she didn't realise sheep were allowed to stand on the road that early on the morning.

During my coffee break, Trevor insisted on telling me, in great detail, of how he was going to get a shag that night.
I suppose that if all you have to chat up is your right hand (or left hand for all you weirdos out there) then it ain't too hard to score.

On the way home I stopped of at Lidl to get some shopping.
God, some right chavs use that shop.
I'm going to have to start using Aldi in future, even if it is twenty minutes further along the bus route.

Gotta start thinking about another job.
Another vocation.
A change of direction.

I don't want to answer stupid questions about car crashes and break-ins and fires and stolen electrical devises all my life.

I might take to the stage.............

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