Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday 26th July 2010

Last night I was in a leading brand of supermarket, and in the reduced section was a pack of 24 bread rolls for the knock down price of 25p, which I bought.
When I got home, I had a bit of a root around the cupboards, to see what I could knock up using the aforementioned rolls.

Well you wouldn't believe what I found, I didn't!!
At the back of the fridge, on the top shelf was some cheese.

Well I think it was cheese, it was a bit old and hard so it was like that fancy gorgonbazola stuff you get, but I'm pretty sure it started out in life as cheddar.

Anyway, in the bottom of the fridge were some squishy tomatoes. Being 'on the turn' they needed using up.
So I mashed up the tomatoes and spread them onto a couple of the stale bread rolls I had bought

On top of this I grated the cheddar / gorgostiltzola type cheese combo and added a couple of manky olives I found in the bottom of a jar languishing in their own juices.

Bunged it under the grill and voila! Thrifty Pizza.

I also rubbed an onion over another cut roll, and dabbed a bit of red sauce on top before grilling.

I've seen this on a Ramsey programme, Bruchetta I think he called it........................

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