Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday 25th July 2010

Didn't do much last night, stayed in and watched Jess lick herself.
She makes a lot of noise, not only when she licks herself but also when she sleeps.
If she ever wanted to know the reason why she's not allowed in the bedroom then that would probably be it.
That, and the fact that she smells.
If I had stairs then she wouldn't even be allowed up them.

Anyway, smelly and noisy she might be, but she loves me and in my own way I love her too.
Not in a sexual way of course, that would just be plain wrong.

We went out today, just a quick walk up to see my mum.

Took her out to get some fish and chips, she doesn't get out much and I sometimes feel a bit sorry for her, but she doesn't help her self.

The poor boy serving didn't know where to look when she started flashing her thigh from the seat of her mobility scooter.

The fucking thing ran out of juice on the way back to her sheltered accommodation so I had to push it and her up the bastard hill.
Fucked, I was, when we got to the top, but did she thank me?
Did she fuck, just complained that I hadn't bought her an ice cream.

Really exciting evening, tried to iron some shirts but they are more creased now than when they came out of the washing machine.

Going to think of a sure fire money maker, can't be that hard, not if that lanky twat Peter Jones can do it.............

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