Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday 14th February pt2

‎We're in Wetherspoons, slumming it again but hey; the beer is cheap, and I had to climb the many stairs to go to the little boy's room. 

It ain't that little and men use it, but that's not the point. 

There was a bloke in there standing at one of the stones having a wee and sending a text on his mobile phone. 

What a cunt. 

But what is worse is that he had a very old flip phone, one of those with a tiny little screen and only a numerical key pad so you have to press each button multiple times to get the letter you want. 

All I could hear was beep beep beep beep as he pressed the keypad. 

So matey, you a a proper cunt, and I'll explain why. 

You're a cunt for using your phone whilst having a piss. 

You're a cunt for using your phone while I'm having a piss. 

You're a cunt for having a phone that is from the Ark. 

You're a cunt for leaving the keypad tones on and making all those beeping noises. 

All in all, you're a proper cunt...............

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