Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday 19th May 2012

The time you told class I was a half wit, was my very first 50%
Previous best in any other test was either stolen copied or lent.

We went to Clumber Park Food Festival today. It was advertised on the National Trust's Farcebook page quite extensively and it was billed as a celebration of local food and drink, or some such bumpf. 

As it started at 1000hrs, we got there at around 1100hrs. Well one doesn't want to appear to eager, does one? It was in the stable courtyard and as we entered a surprising sight greeted us.

There was about 10 stalls, arranged in a sort of circular effort, and that was it.

Still, I still managed to spend plenty of money there. there may not have been many stalls but the ones that were there were pretty good. 
I got chilli sauce, beer, ground coffee beans and cake. If you're interested.

I was watching telly the other morning, yesterday I think but it may have been the day before, when I heard the name "Thomas Dolby". I remembered him. Didn't recognised him, but I remember him. Anyhoo, he was on the news with his wife talking about how his new single, Simone, is loosely written about his daughter, who is now his son.

Harley Dolby (or Harvey, or something, I think) was born a girl but realised / decided / established / found out she was really a boy, stuck in a girl's body (I don't know how these things work).

Fair enough, I thought, these things happen and Mr & Mrs D were very supportive and open and honest about it all, saying that it was difficult but she/he was still their daughter (well she wasn't anymore, he was now their son, but you know what I mean) etc etc.

Then it said that Haley / Harvey / whatever was very lucky to be in a long term relationship with someone who loved and cared for her/him.

Enter Martin (not his real name, I have given him a false name to protect my stupidity as I cannot remember that either).

So Harley / Harvey / Harry WAS a girl with a boyfriend but thought that she was a boy and is now a boy and still has the same boyfriend.

The same thing happened on one of these celebrity doctor wannabe medical programmes where a bloke had had a sex change into a woman and went on the programme because he didn't think she looked feminine enough. (this could be cause you are really a bloke, you fuckwit). Anyways, he wanted to look his/her best as he was soon getting married.

To his/her girlfriend who also used to be a man.

Now call me old fashioned, call me a prude, call me any fucking thing you want, but do you not think it a bit strange that a man wants to have a sex change and he is marrying another man who has also had a sex change. 

Did he used to lie in bed thinking "I really think I should have been born a woman, and I would really like to meet another man who really thinks he should have been born a woman, but not just any woman, a lesbian woman who is looking for a man who really wants to be a lesbian woman"

I've been bad man sad man certified mad, but never 007 or saint
Trendsetter, go getter, international jet setter are just a few things that I ain't.............

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