Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thursday 27th October 2011

The tequilla sun is rising and the Harvey's Bristol moon is sinking
Put the Binatone on snooze open up some Special Brews and start drinking
To the biggest mess in town then put on your dressing gown
Screw your head on upside down, drink yourself into the ground.

Got a new coffee machine today. It's not the one I really want, that's one that you put coffee beans in, press a button and it grinds and heats and presses and makes the perfect cup of coffee all in one go. That one is about £650 and I can't really justify that. Yet.

The one I got is one you have to put ground coffee in the thingy, attach thingy to the machine and then turn a switch. You know the thingy I'm on about right? The sort of thingy that coffee shops have, where you have to take it off after you have made the coffee and bang it on the side of a silver tray to get the used coffee out. I haven't got a silver tray to bang them into so I just use the bin. But I am getting a special milk jug and a thermometer to froth the milk.

Anyhoo, I got the the machine, unpacked it, washed the pipes through, as it told me to in the instructions, put coffee in, filled it with water, made an espresso and also made myslef a little bit moist.

It was a good coffee.
I'm going to get a coffee grinder too, so I can buy coffee beans and grind them as and when I want them, but have you seen the price of the fucking things?!?
There are two types of grinder, one that uses blades and one that uses burrs.
There are two types of burr type grinders, wheel and conical.

The blade ones are cheap. And this means they are crap.
The wheel burr machines range from about £15 to a couple of hundred, which I thought was a bit steep for a bean grinder.
The conical burr grinders, however, can set you back £1300. Thirteen fucking hundred bastard of yer English pounds for a little machine that grinds up little beans to make little cups of coffee.

I'll be getting the cheaper end wheel burr machine then.

Went to Essex today, to see my sons. The weather was pants, absolute shite.
We still had fun though. I cannot believe that son #2, who is six years old, can eat a Big Mac. Well I can, cause I saw him do it, well most of it. It wasn't long ago that he would take the burger out of a plain burger and just eat the bun. He wouldn't eat a plain bun, oh no, it had to have had a cooked burger in it that he could take out. And now he is eating Big Macs.

I did think afterwards, could I be done for child abuse for letting a six year old eat a Big Mac.
Or even a MacDonalds, for that matter. That's bad enough.
If you don't tell Social, I won't.

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