Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday 17th October 2011

Have you ever watched those old American cop shows, the ones where the lead character is verging on being a down-and-out, a bit dishevelled and unkempt?
In these shows, the Detective (or whatever) always seems to whip out his electric shaver and have a crafty shave in the car. So unorganised are they that they are always running late and can't afford the time to shave at home. Either that or they can't be arsed.
Well I started with my 'Winter Look' today. That is, I haven't shaved since Thursday of last week and this morning I got out the trimmer. I do it every year, it helps keep me little cheeks warm during the cold weather.

But the fucking mess! When I had finished I looked down and the sink was covered in small hairs. They were everywhere, in the sink, the sides of the sink, the back of the sink, the floor, everywhere.

What the fuckety fuck Columbo's car must have looked like, Gawd only knows, but it wouldn't have been pretty.

Why do some people have dslrs?

Click on the link above and read the thread then tell me what you think.

Why do some people buy expensive dslrs?
This guy obviously does not have a clue, a fact he readily admits when he says "prob is i am still at point and shoot stage... is there an easier way? will a lense do it for me?" when talking about adjusting the aperture.

Fuck me, the other posters are virtually spelling it out for him, but he just don't get it.
Why,then, would you spend all that money on a camera that you have absolutely no idea on how to use?

I started taking photographs in July of this year. I didn't really have a clue and was a bit dubious about spending £200 on a HS10, but I did as I hoped I would get good photos and use it to get better. Hopefully I will progress onto a better camera once my photography gets better.
For the first two months every photo I took was on the fully automatic setting but I gradually weaned myself off and now the vast majority of shots are on the manual setting.

But why oh why spend hundreds of pounds on a camera body, hundreds more on lenses and other accessories, when you don't even understand the concept of aperture settings?!?

Another thing that annoys me are these people who have dslrs and take about eight million shots everytime they put the camera to their eye.
I was at an RSPB place on Saturday and in one of the hides was a poncy git with a big camera and a lens about twenty foot long.

I was there, crafting my skills, manually adjusting my camera, composing the shot and taking two or three shots of a subject. As we were in a bird watching hide I had turned the volume of the shutter off so as not to disturb or annoy anyone else.
But here was this prick with his fancy big camera and penis substitute and every couple of minutes he would raise it to his face and rattle off about twenty shots in the space of about three seconds.
I bet he might get one half decent picture from every twenty he took, but it will be more luck than judgement and where's the fun in that?!?

Now, this may sound like jealousy, and maybe a little of it is, but I can't stand pretensious people.

Sorry for the rant, but I've not written anything for a long time.

Anyhoo, sorry it's been so long. Bet you've all fucked off over to that Grizzly bastard's blog.
Got to admit, it is better.............


  1. Hooray! You're back. Missed your Blogs man. Nice photos by the way. Do you remember Jock from Hov?

  2. Thanks, sorry I haven't replied to your text, I must admit I completely forgot.
    Yeah, I remember Jock and Mark R text me this morning to spread the gossip.............