Monday, 12 January 2015

Monday 12th January 2015

‎Watching some football over the weekend and it made me realise again what a miserable life these ‎Premier League footballers have, poor souls. 

The 'expert pundits' made a few references to the number of games coming up over the next few weeks. 

I know I have blathered on about this in the past but hey, here we go again. 

Apparently some of the teams have to play 21 games in 11 weeks, which of course equates to an average of just under two games per week. 
Don't forget that these games they play last all of 90 minutes so it's a hard slog. 

And they get paid a pittance to do it. 

You gotta feel for the fuckers, 180 minutes of 'work' a week and sometimes they only get three days rest in between each hour and a half's exertions. 

Poor poor bastards, all for thousands of pounds a week. Or tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands in some cases.

You may not realise it, but 21 games over 11 weeks adds up substantially. 
It's about 31.5 hours of work. 
More, if you add on added on time, of which there is often about ten minutes per week. 
All for a few (mostly more than a few) grand a week. 

Poor, over-worked fuckers. They must be stressed right out. 

This morning I left home at just after four o'clock.
In the morning. 
I drove 165 miles and then worked from seven o'clock until twenty past six o'clock. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will get to work at seven thirty o'clock and work to around six or seven o'clock. 
Except Friday, when I will leave work at around three to drive the 165 miles home.

I'll do that for 48 weeks of the year, some weeks more.

That equates to about lots more than the poor football players and I get considerably less in a year‎ than most (if not all) of them get in a week, and they get the summer off. 

But do I want you to feel sorry for me?
Do I fuck as like. 

Just wanted to get it off me chest. 

I had a bad experience with my contact lenses and haven't worn them for over a week, but I'm bored writing about them so that'll have to wait. 

Just go about your business, but spare a thought for the poor football players of this world. 

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